One of the most important but overlooked steps in hiring a professional drywall service is to give the contractor a quick call to get to know the company better. Contacting the company also helps you do a final check to see if they are the ideal fit for your needs. 

Most of the time, homeowners will contact contractors to ask for estimates and availability. However, there are other questions that you will have to ask as well.  

If you ask these questions and get a good answer from the contractor, you can guarantee that they’re the best fit for your drywall project.  

So, before you proceed with your Santa Rita drywall repair in Pleasanton CA, here are several questions you should ask the contractor: 

How Should I Prepare? 

The drywall company might expect you to do prep work before they arrive. However, this depends on the contractor and the scope of the project.  

That is why it’s important to maintain open lines of communication to guarantee high-quality work. Keep in mind that your contractors want to start working as soon as they arrive at your house. Thus, you should ask if there is anything you can do to help them.  

Figuring out expectations about prep work guarantees that the project goes smoothly. Aside from that, you can also protect your items from getting dusty and damaged.  

Be sure to ask the contractor to move any pieces of furniture and wall décor out of the way. If you’ve got a hard time moving the furniture on your own, you should talk about it with the contractor and see if they can help you.  

Where Will You Get the Supplies? 

if you ask the contractor who their supplier is, it will offer you an idea of the level of their quality and reliability. Aside from that, it will also help you get their estimates.  

A reliable drywall contractor should explain where they are purchasing the materials from. If possible, they should involve you in the selection process. With this, the contractor can guarantee you’re happy with the price, feel, and look of the materials. This will provide you peace of mind knowing that you know what supplies they have and where they purchased them.  

Will You Give Me References? 

You should not hire any contractor without checking their references. This is particularly true when it comes to drywall services.  

Whenever you are researching a potential company, make sure you examine their reviews online. This will offer you clear and well-rounded insights into the quality of work of the contractor.  

Furthermore, you will get a sense of how numerous contractors manage community feedback. This will help indicate the quality of customer service. A reliable drywall company will offer you written references. It should contain before and after pictures of the project they completed. Also, try to contact their previous clients and ask them about the contractor’s workmanship. Make sure you ask them if they’re willing to hire the contractor again in the future.