Since the beginning of this pandemic, people began to obsess over different things they did not think about before. The people began to look at the simpler things in life and enjoy them. If there is something that this pandemic has taught us, we should value everything in our lives, even the simplest of things. From what we can see online, people obsess about planting flowers, trees, herbs, and many different plants in their gardens and even little spaces in their homes. Many people have gone so into planting and decided to take it to another level: planting indoors. Many are placing different indoor plants in their homes because they have realized how wonderful and challenging it is to grow plants indoors. You could notice this anywhere you go on social media and the different parts of the internet.   

Plants have become the new home decoration for many people worldwide, which is a good thing. Planting trees and other plants can greatly help our environment, so if you are into planting, continue what you are doing because you are making your personal space beautiful and helping the world. It is always good to take care of our environment because we only have one planet, and we should take care of it hand in hand, says tree service Daly City CA. We should make sure that we take care of the earth because it is our home. If we don’t, we are the first ones to suffer the consequences brought by our actions.  

To help you in your new addition to indoor plants, we are here to give you a list of different indoor plants that you could plant for your home:  

  1. Corn Plant: If you want something green in your home all year long, this is the perfect tree for your home because the leaves of this plant will stay green, and it could also give you some blossoms when you care for it properly.  
  1. Fishtail Palm: This type of plant will give your home more elegance and sophistication. This plant loves humid areas and loves the sunlight, so make sure to put it near your window where there is direct sunlight. Of course, do not forget to make sure that the soil where you planted this plant is always moist.  
  1. Triangle Ficus: If you are still a beginner in indoor planting, this plant is the perfect one because it is so easy to maintain and grow this type of plant. You need to worry about where you are going to put it because this needs direct sunlight to flourish and grow fast.  
  1. Norfolk Island Palm: This kind of plant can tolerate many different conditions, but it would be best for you to put it in direct sunlight. You should also mist its leaves every once in a while. You will surely enjoy this because another name for it is a little Christmas tree, so it would be useful come Christmas time.   

Research more about indoor plants and learn more about them.